California Tax Education Council
tax professionals 
October, 11 2018
Registration Renewals Due Soon

The CTEC 2018/2019 renewal registration cycle ends October 31, 2018. If you already completed the continuing education requirements (15 hours federal and five hours state), now is the time to renew. 

To register online, click here.

To renew, you must have: 

  • Basic personal information. 
  • Current bond information. 
  • A renewed IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). 
  • 20 hours of continuing education (10 hours of federal tax law, three hours of federal tax law updates, 2 hours of ethics and 5 hours of state) already uploaded into the CTEC database. 
  • A Visa or MasterCard to pay the $33 registration fee. 

To renew online, all your education must have been electronically reported to CTEC by your education provider. If your education is not showing up, call your education provider(s) to upload the hours into the system. CTEC policy allows education providers 10 days from the date the course was completed to report hours earned so please plan ahead. 

Important Update: CRTPs who do not update their bond information will automatically have their registration put ON HOLD. CRTPs showing expired or invalid bond information will receive an email from CTEC with a 30 days notice to update the bond. If no action is taken, the registration will no longer be valid. 


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